Saturday, March 05, 2016

Dr.K.Paramesvaran M! Dept of Medicine Kottayam 1963

                                             Dr.K.Paramesvaran our Medicine Professor

KR Nair 
The information regarding Dr K Parameswaran gathered by me so far goes like this: He had a series of postings during his Govt Service after his MRCP. Trivandrum MC 1952- to Dec 1962->

 Kottayam MC: Dec 1962- 1968-> Trivandrum MC: 1968- 1970->
 Calicut Medical College as HOD Medicine 1970-1972-
 Again Trivandrum Medical College -> 1972-1975-
 Retired- then worked in some Private Hospitals ( Kollam Sankar's Hospital) and then PSG Med Coll Coimbatore